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Scan your QR code for free.

Scan all types of QR code such as plain text, URL, E-mail, Wi-Fi, location, SMS, Telephone, vCard etc.

Scan QR Code

A free QR code scanner. Scan all types of QR codes.

Scan any QR code quickly, copy the result easily, and share with anyone instantly.

How Scan QR Code works?

1Open website

Open Scan QR Code website

2Allow camera

QR code scanner requires permission to use your device camera to scan the QR code. Please allow permission if not already granted.


Point the camera to QR code so that it's clearly visible through your camera.


The information stored with in the QR code will be instantly displayed.

Frequently asked questions

How to scan QR code from 'Scan QR Code'?

It is very easy. Click Scan button and point the camera at the QR code. The information stored in the QR code will be instantly shown on screen.

Is there any limit on number of codes can be scanned from Scan QR Code?

No, there is no limit, you can scan unlimited number of QR codes daily.

What types of QR codes can be scanned from ScanQRCode?

ScanQRCode supports all kinds of QR code such as plain text, URL, SMS, contact, email, Wi-Fi, vCard, maps etc.

Why do I get the message 'Please grant permission to use your camera.' ?

This is because your device has denied the permission to access the camera. Please check your permission settings.

Why my QR code isn't scanning?

A QR code become un scannable if,

  • QR code is damaged, or dirty.
  • QR code is too blurry.
  • Due to customizations such as contrasting colors or background.
  • Inconsistent light conditions.

About browser support?

Our free qr code scanner works on all most modern web browsers. We officially support Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox on Windows.

How can I generate my own QR code?

Many software utilities are available to generate QR codes. You can choose our free online QR code generator

Would you wish to know more about QR codes?

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